Reaching out to happiness…

So these days all I think of is this little nook of words that seems like a dream shaping up. Nothing big though but it really gives you a kick when something you longed for is there… right in front of your eyes. I always thought of lil’ things I could share with people out there. People who just like me are busy going through their day to day chores and still finding time to read, to learn, to think, to add something to their thoughts.

I think of myself as a one track mind. Something that finds its way to my thought and raises my curiosity is bound to find itself reaching its end. My latest obsession is “The desperate Housewives”. Yes, I stumbled upon this series recently while browsing through my Netflix suggestions. You would think me of someone from the “Ice Age” who just heard of it but that’s how it is. In case you had a chance to see this series, you would know. It revolves around a group of friends living in the same neighborhood for years and their quite dramatic lives. It does capture your curiosity with it’s never ending twists and turns and still you manage to relate to one of the characters in some way or the other.

As I’ve been watching it back to back for almost two weeks now, it for sure has found its way to my sub- conscious mind. I had a dream the other night which of course tracks its origin to one of the characters who lost his sight. I saw myself holding Sugar’s hand and walking towards the road. I didn’t realize what it was all about until I saw her helping me cross the road. As the dream progressed I found myself getting troubled in my sleep. I could only catch a breath when I finally woke up.

The thought of not being able to see the smiling faces that fill my days with happiness and a little sunshine brought me to the edge. I could not even bear the pain in my dreams. We all think of our lives full of problems. Problems; that we do not know how to handle. You never know the person you see smiling all the time might be struggling with something you can’t even imagine. In middle of this chaos of not having something, we tend to forget what we have. We work so hard to provide for our families keeping at stake our time with them. We worry about our kids who would soon be going to college. We worry about us growing old. Among all these worries, we look past over the priceless possessions we have.


Every day even just for ten seconds, think of something that gives you a smile, think of something that inspires you. Your child’s beaming face, a friend who’s always there, your loved ones, a book may be or just look up at the clear skies or colors of a butterfly. Happiness is everywhere you just need to look for it.