Defeating the fears…

Starting a blog was a decision taken almost a year ago but it took a long time before it could come into existence. What would you call it? Procrastination.. Lack of time..Busy schedule. The realization came to me in a strange way.

I’ve a two year old daughter. As I’m a working mother, like most others, we follow a day care cum pre-school arrangement. Whenever I go to pick her up, I try to have a sneak peek on what’s going on beyond my sight. The reason to do this might be the maternal instinct that craves for always being around my child or just to check does she behave the same with everyone else the way she does with me. Anyways, I’ll leave the “Secrets of a working mother” for another post.

So one day I saw her playing a game with all her buddies where they had to jump from a step that was a bit on the higher side (may be for her). As soon as everyone else jumped, she declared she wasn’t having fun. As a distraction, her teacher started another game. But Sugar (that’s how you would see me referring her) was still not having fun. All her attention was still captured by that step. She would keep looking on it with a certain expression that I could obviously relate to. She does have my genes.

I walked into the play area. She was super excited to see me as usual. She ran to me and jumped into my arms. After a day’s work and separation, this is the moment that re-energizes me for rest of my day. I asked her how was her day and a few other regular questions. Together we walked to the same step that was still standing tall, proud of its undefeated height. She gave me a look. I put her up and asked her to jump. She denied straightaway. I asked her to try. Trust me she did but still she couldn’t. I told her I’m right there to hold her in case she falls. There’s nothing to get scared of. She asked me if she would get hurt. I said she might be but mommy is there to fix her “boo-boo”. Finally, she raised a step and after convincing herself for a few seconds she jumped. If I could I would’ve captured the mixed expression of victory, of pride, of self-validation.

Most of the times, when we want to take a leap into the unexplored grounds of opportunities; the biggest roadblock is the “Fear” – Fear of failure, Fear of unknown, Fear of being naive. We discover it just like that when we see it but it’s difficult to realize within our own sub conscious minds. Life has its own ways to let us know. All we need to do is, get up and fight it out. The feeling of defeating our “Fears” is ecstatic.

Through this blog, all I want to do is share these little lessons life teaches me each day and through these words lend you my glasses for a while through which I see this world. I would love to have yours for a while for a fresh new perspective. It will take some time to actually soak in the different notes of this Thought Pourri but when it’s done, it’s bound to reinvigorate our lives.